PROcure: a powerful web-based e-procurement management platform that's easy to learn and simple to use!

Developed by the PDQ Tek division of Signature Systems, Inc., PROcure is a robust online procurement platform that greatly minimizes the labor-intensive manual processes upon which needed products and services are obtained.

Streamlined and sophisticated, yet simple and intuitive to learn and use, PROcure ensures a fuller, more competitive bid process throughout the RFP life cycle. The result: complete vendor bid forms and enhanced vendor relations–and a measurable savings in staff time and effort.


FASTER Implementation of Needed Product/Service

FASTER Bid, Approval and Purchasing Cycles



REDUCES Staff Overhead

SAVES Staff Time



SAVES Staff Costs

Helps Ensure the BEST Viable Solution

Saves on Each Procurement Facet

PROcure Saves Time, Effort & Costs!

With Procurement Control, Supplier Management and Sourcing, PROcure is designed for public, private and not-for-profit organizations that want to control costs, streamline procurement processes and pro-actively ensure regulatory compliance and transparency.

With out-of-the-box readiness that can be custom-enhanced, PROcure directly interfaces to existing ERP systems and comes complete with comprehensive reporting. Greatly simplify your procurement efforts with PROcure!


Learn: Process, Properties & Payback

Learn why a major PROcure user said:“To harness its diverse competitive advantages, a robust e-Procurement system like PROcure should be an integral part of every supply chain and operational strategy.”


Anticipated Reduction of up to 40% in Administrative Staff Time

PROcure is a (Big) Time Saver

Through simplistic automation and powerful back-end optimized software, time is saved at every touch point. And we all know that time saved  = money saved. 

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Anticipated Reduction of up to 33% in RFP-to-Procurement Time

PROcure Streamlines the Procurement Process

Simply put, PROcure makes the soup-to-nuts procurement process simple and easy–thus saving effort at every level.

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Anticipated Cost Reduction of up to 18% from a Fuller Bidding Process

PROcure Greatly Lowers Costs

In addition to reducing the staff time it takes to procure needed goods/services, PROcure also helps ensure the best viable solution–which translates to optimized performance, maximized ROI and a lower cost of ownership.

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